Classification and Function of Pipette Tips

Many people spend a lot of money on imported pipettes but save money on pipette tip consumables. In fact, the quality of the pipette tips has a lot of influence on the accuracy of pipetting.

The pipette tip is a key factor that influences the results of the experiment, and may also affect the uses of the pipette. Therefore, the purchase of suction tips is also very important.

Here is the introduction to the classification and function of Pipette Tips.

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Classification of pipette tip:

As a consumable used with pipettes, according to different applications, there are some pipette tips: standard pipette tips, filtered tips, low adsorption tips, etc.

The function of the pipette tip:

1. The function of disposable pipette tips: standard tips are the most prevalent used tip. All of the pipetting operations can use the standard pipette tip, which is the most suitable type of tip.

2. Filtered pipette tips function is suitable for lab consumables, and is designed to avoid cross-contamination. It is often made for experiments, like molecular biology, cytology, and virology.

3. The function of pipette tip: low-adsorption pipette tip to develop the recovery rate in high sensitivity requirements experiments or precious samples or reagents for easy to remain.

4. Whatsmore, most people use pipette tips for sucking viscous materials, genomic DNA, and cell culture fluid.

Why choose good pipette tips?

All of the users are commonly thinking of the adaptability of the pipette tip: “As long as uses of pipette tip that can be installed is the tip that can be used”.This statement is partly accurate.

Here are some chosen ways according to the pipette tips function:

1. People should rinse the tip. after matching the pipette with the pipette tip,

2. Should perform some repeated sample addition operations, measure the sample addition amount each time, and record the reading.

3. We should estimate the accuracy and precision of the operation of pipetting after converting it into volume according to the density of the test liquid.

4. It’s necessary to choose a pipette tip with standard accuracy.

5. If the accuracy of the pipette and the tip is not well, it means that not promised the tightness of the pipette tip and the pipette, so the results of each operation cannot be reproduced.

6. Whether it is in carrying out routine experiments or in today’s epidemic detection and diagnosis, people frequently used pipettes and tips.

7. While quantifying, the tips should be with the specifications to ensure not contaminate the samples.


When purchasing pipettes, it’s not correct that people often keep cautious and are willing to spend a lot of money to get a good brand with higher accuracy.

In fact, the pipette tip is also a key factor that influences the results of the experiment, and may also affect the uses of pipette tips. Therefore, the choice of suction tips is also very important.

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