Brief Introductions of Conductive Tips

Hawach designed and validated black conductive tips by professional teams. And made of chemically resistant virgin polypropylene with excellent clarity, a smooth surface, and good air tightness. Here are some introductions of Conductive Tips.

hamilton 300ul conductive tipshamilton 300ul tips

Brief Introductions of Conductive Tips:

Features of Conductive Tips:

  • Hawach manufactured pipette tips to strict quality and reproducibility standards to ensure reliable liquid handling performance.
  • and manufacturing processes are automated in a controlled environment.
  • And adopts relatively advanced production technology, complete quality control procedures, and high-quality raw materials in cutting-edge materials and molds.
  •  Conductive Filter Tip volume: 50uL,300uL, 1000uL
  • And intended the 50ul Tecan Conductive Tips primarily for use with the Tecan pipetting workstation platform.
  • The Tecan pipette tip molds produced by Hawach use a new nano-processing technology, which greatly reduces the surface adsorption of the tips.
  • Conductive tip manufacturers, also known as Hamilton tip, and Hawach company in the process of manufacturing modified tips, including standard, non-sterile, etc.
  • And produced in strict accordance with pharmaceutical grade standards.
  • In addition, made from chemically resistant virgin polypropylene for excellent clarity and a smooth surface.
  • All conductive tips products are certified safe against RNase, DNase, and pyrogens.

Some tips of Conductive Tips:

Produces process :

1. Air tightness monitoring

The conductive tip factory uses a precision detector to check the air tightness between the tip and the adapter to ensure that each batch of products has good air tightness.

2. Resistance value and CV value detection

  • A certain number of sampling inspections are carried out for each batch, and accurate and unique measuring tools are for testing to ensure the accuracy
  • And reliability of the test results and ensure that the products have uniform conductivity.
  • Made of medical-grade black conductive polypropylene (PP) material, it is automatically produced in a 100,000-grade purification workshop, free of DNA, RNA, and pyrogens.
  • And the China conductive pipette tip can be for R&D in genomics, proteomics,  biopharmaceuticals, and other commonly used high-throughput pipetting needs.
  • China conductive pipette tip can be for TECAN automatic enzyme-free workstations and automatic sample-adding systems.
  • And conductive tip factory produced the tips suitable for Hamilton series workstations.

Production standard:

  • Reducing cost savings is the constant mission of every business: the drive to produce more samples also creates the need to reduce sample waste and reagent waste.
  • And optimizing assays and reducing volumes can save on reagent and sample usage costs.
  • In addition, minimizing damage is especially important to us when trying to maximize the use of precious reagents and work with rare samples.
  • The use of small-volume pipetting in the automation of liquid handling processes certainly brings all the scale and cost advantages mentioned above.
  • And this cost reduction potential has led to the addition of small-volume pipette tips to Hawach and more laboratory automation manufacturers’ consumables portfolios.

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