Advantages of PCR Tubes in Experiments

PCR tubes are common as consumables in biological product experiments and various PCR and real-time PCR experiments.

PCR tubes 0.2 ml 8 tube strips 0.2ml PCR tubes

What are PCR tubes:

  •  An ordinary PCR tube consists of a tube body and a cover body, the tube body.
  • And the cover body is connected together, and the cover body has a hollow cylindrical protrusion.
  • During PCR, the liquid at the bottom of the tube evaporates to the top.
  • If it is a flat cover, it is not easy to agglomerate, so it is a convex cover, which is convenient for the evaporated liquid to flow downward after condensing.
  • Current PCR instruments are basically of the heated lid type. In the PCR lid, the temperature of the top is high and the bottom is low.
  • The liquid at the bottom is not easy to evaporate to the top, so the PCR tube flat cap is more popular.

PCR tubes have the following advantages:

Design of PCR tube:

  • Good sealing: The unique design of PCR tubes, like 0.1 ml PCR tubes is suitable for quantitative PCR tube covers, which can effectively prevent sample evaporation.
  • Uniform wall thickness: The tube wall thickness is uniform, and the heat conduction is effective and accurate.
  • With special design -the interlocking process of the tube. And tube cover with low evaporation rates and well-sealing performance.
  • Good adaptability: It cooperates well with the heat transfer tank of the PCR instrument, and the heat transfer is convenient.
  • High-temperature resistance: Made of polypropylene (PP) material, and sterilized at high temperature and high pressure.
  • The high polishing precision technology increases the light transmittance of the tube cover, which is for fluorescence quantitative PCR experiments.
  • The concave design of the cover plate can effectively prevent scratches and cross-contamination of the optical surface.
  • The pipeline has high cleanliness and low adsorption.

Material of PCR tube:

  • All made of high-quality polymer material polypropylene (PP)
  • Both mold manufacturing and plastic molding processes with high precision to make sure product quality and batch-to-batch uniformity
  • Medical grade PP material with imported, without RNase, DNase, exogenous DNA/RNA, endotoxin, or pyrogen.
  •  Opened and closed the tube cover easily, which is convenient for operation.

PCR tube used :

  • The experiment can be repeated. And PCR tube used for various PCR and real-time PCR experiments
  • The adsorption of samples and reagents is extremely low, which ensures the high-temperature resistance and accuracy of the reaction system
  • The production quality control is relatively strict, which not only ensures the repeatability of the experimental data but also ensures stable performance.
  • High-pressure sterilization (121 ℃), no enzyme, and no pyrogen,
  • White PCR8 connecting tube can effectively prevent signal interference, increase signal strength, and improve experimental efficiency.

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