Advantages and Application of Conductive Tips

Conductive tips can be above conductive filter tips and tips without filters. The Hawach conductive tip factory produced conductive pipette tips that match most of the Hamilton tips, TECAN, and PE automatic liquid handling equipment on the market.

Advantages of conductive pipette tips:

HAWACH conductive pipette tips

  1. Such as electron beam aseptic: safe and fast, with no chemical residue
  2. And made of PP (including conductive materials) in a 100,000-class clean workshop.
  3. With good airtightness: the mature casting process ensures the good airtightness and compatibility of the product and improves the mechanical precision of the product at work.
  4. As a professional manufacturer of conductive tips, ensure the traceability and uniformity of product conductivity, improve the accuracy of fruit, and greatly reduce the deviation between individual products ;
  5. The special process makes sure the surface of the suction head is smooth, mostly cur down the retention area of ​​the liquid surface;
  6. Hydrophobicity: The porous structure of the filter inside the tip ensures the best performance.
  7. In addition, the tips have superior performance-robust screens for aerosols, reducing the risk of sample contamination.
  8. Also free of pyrogen, endotoxin, DNase, and RNase.
  9. And to achieve high liquid handling results, strict quality control procedures make sure good straightness and reduced coefficient of variation.
  10. Conductive polypropylene filter pipette tips automated production in a 100,000-grade purification workshop
  11. The tips are packed in different holes, and the conductivity is uniform
  12. And the same hole number of tips in each box ensures the traceability of the product and the uniformity of the conductivity
  13. With high accuracy of the experimental results, and greatly reduces the deviation between individual products
  14. And with high-strength blister material outer packaging, increased wall thickness, anti-impact, and anti-drop
  15. Also ensuring the integrity and safety of the product under harsh transportation conditions.
  16. In addition, has good air tightness and adaptability improves the mechanical accuracy of the product at work.
  17. And ensuring the integrity and safety of the product under harsh transportation conditions.
  18. The conductive filter tip is filtered by porous tissue to ensure optimal performance and has superhydrophobicity, eliminating the risk of sample cross-contamination.


  • Users apply the tips for clinical testing, protein, gene, immune testing, pharmaceutical,
  • Also for life science research, animal and plant inspection, quarantine research, etc.
  • In addition, for R&D in genomics, proteomics, cytology, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceuticals
  • And commonly used high-throughput pipetting needs.
  • People used the tips to prevent pipette contamination and prevent sample cross-contamination.
  • And people use conductive polypropylene filter pipette tips in the TECAN automatic enzyme-free workstation and automatic sample-adding system.
  • And is suitable for Hamilton series workstations.

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